17 Eylül 2010 Cuma

Airport Hotels in Istanbul Turkey

Hotel Istanbul Airport

I can not understand why tourists want to stay hotels near airport. I hope they do not imagine to walk to their hotel from airport. There is not such a thing like that in a big city. If you search well , you can realize airports are generally out of city centers. Especially if we think this situation for Istanbul , You will waste time to go historical district (old city) everyday on roads. Why do not you book hotel in Sultanahmet or Taksim? These are most famous city centres in Istanbul. Taksim is new city, Sultanahmet area is old city.
May be You worry for your budget, so you want to reservate your hotel room close to airport? But cheap for what? Aksaray and Laleli hotels are also cheap hotels and reaching to airport is very easy with Aksaray - Airport M1 metro train line. So you will not wait on Istanbul's traffic on road. On the other hand, you will not worry for time, trains always reach on time.
But if you still want to book aiport hotels in istanbul, Look at these hotels..
They are most close hotels, but if you look at other hotel reservation sites, they say every hotel in istanbul is near airport...

if hotels are not availabe for your dates, contact the travel agent for information.

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